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JUNE 2022: Summer Party, August TBD 2022

JUNE 2022: OOH Day, September 29, 2022

SEPTEMBER 2021: Digital Day 2021 – Audio & Video Panel: The Ins/Outs of This Tactic

On Digital Day 2021, the committee took a deeper look into how the digital audio and video landscape has evolved in the past 10 years. This event covered topics ranging from brand standards, agency best practices, platforms (new and old), tracking capabilities, metrics we may be discounting, connected TV, podcasts, streaming radio, and much more.

SEPTEMBER 2021: Digital Day 2021 – Gaming Panel: Enter the Metaverse

On Digital Day 2021, the committee took a look at the developing trend of gaming, which has increased with the various lockdown situations during COVID, including the sales of gaming consoles, handheld gaming devices, downloads, gaming subscriptions, the growth in gaming influencers, and time spent gaming.

SEPTEMBER 2021: Watch our latest Mindful Mornings workshop

In our July 2021 Mindful Mornings workshop, our panel of experts looked into strategic ways to combat the pervasive idea that advertising and marketing professionals can be too young (and therefore inexperienced) or too old (and therefore irrelevant) to meaningfully contribute to the Canadian advertising industry.

SEPTEMBER 2021: In our OOH Special Presentation we discussed the data behind our return to life post-lockdown

In our August OOH Special Presentation, our panel of experts refuted the misconception that OOH is an anecdotal medium with data that charts the science behind Canada’s return to life post-lockdown. Discover which consumer categories will explode in the new world, and hear predictions based on current behavioural modelling and analytic insights as to what this could mean for marketers and this medium.

MARCH 2021: Digital Day 2021

Join us this year for two Digital Day virtual events! The first will be a Fireside Chat with Kevin Johnson on May 6th from 12:30 to 1:30pm. The second will be a panel discussion on Audio/Video and Gaming and will be held June 10th.

MARCH 2021: Mindful Morning 2021

Stay tuned for more information on July 2021’s Mindful Morning event where a group of panelists will discuss the subject of Tackling Ageism in the Canadian Advertising and Marketing Industry!

MARCH 2021: Student Day 2021

Thank you for another successful AdClub Student Day! Our third annual and first ever virtual Student Day event was a success and one of our best yet. Find recaps on Instagram @adclubtoronto_studentday and follow us to stay in the loop for future events. Thanks to all our sponsors, speakers, and students for your time and engagement!

MARCH 2021: Newspaper Day 2021

For this upcoming Newspaper Day, moderated by John Tory, we will be discussing how publishers can work in partnership with Local Businesses in the re-opening of the economy and to support them in 2021. Many businesses and non-profit organizations have been shut down or are operating at limited capacity for months due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Understandably, a lot of business owners are eager to start up again and resume serving their customers more fully. We will hear directly from advertisers on how newspapers can assist and cultivate their existing partnerships during this process. Our panel, consisting of newspaper advertisers, will discuss the vital role that newspaper media have in navigating the new normal. The event will take place on April 27 at 1pm.

DECEMBER 2020: Mindful Mornings 2020 Recap

In AdClub’s November “Mindful Morning” session, three brilliant, brave and bold Black women (Ishma Alexander-Huet, Nicole Brown and Stephanie Byard) broke through the cloud of endemic racism that has plagued our industry and offered a shining ray of hope to the next generation of BIPOC.

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DECEMBER 2020: Newspaper Day 2020 On Demand

Watch Newspaper Day 2020 On Demand!

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DECEMBER 2020: OOH Day 2020 Recap

AdClub’s November OOH Day took place over three parts. Part 1 focused on OOH battling back as an industry, part 2 was about programmatic as the perfect platform, and part 3 dealt with how companies are evolving in the face of COVID. We are #inthistogether.

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DECEMBER 2020: Meet the Adinterns

Over the past few weeks, AdClub has been collaborating with fourth year students from Humber College’s Bachelor of Creative Advertising program to help them create a virtual portfolio show. We encourage you to visit their site, browse student work, and book meetings with students you’re interested in working with.

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SEPTEMBER 2020: AdClub's 2020 Virtual Newspaper Day, October 22nd, 2020

The need for trustworthy information is more important than ever. News consumers want to know who they can trust for verified facts, especially during a time of crisis.
Join us to learn the vital role of newspaper media in navigating the new normal.
Thursday, October 22nd at 1:30pm EST

SEPTEMBER 2020: Digital Day 2020, Merit Award Winner

COVID-19 couldn’t keep the Digital Day committee from honoring an industry leader with a Merit Award for 2020. Please join us in congratulating this years’ Digital Day 2020 Merit Award Winner and Student Award Recipient.

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