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OOH Day 2020 Part I

Join us as we discuss how OOH is battling back to be better, faster and stronger than ever before this Thursday, August 20th.

Back to All Events Thursday, August 20th, 2020

March of 2020 saw the beginning of the greatest challenge to the OOH segment. Advertisers thirsted after data, trying to understand what traffic numbers really looked like. Buyers tried to determine value for missed eyeballs and Programmatic became the seemingly perfect platform.


1) Jed Schneiderman – EVP, Marketing and Growth, EQ Works

2) Mary Ventresca – Vice-President, Marketing & Business Development, Pattison Outdoor Advertising

3) Alan Sifuentes – General Manager, Chameleon Digital Media

4) Ben Bookbinder – Vice-President Sales, Canada at Hivestack


Mike Hwang Senior Media Planner – The Greenhouse / Cossette Media


3:00: Opening Remarks
3:05: Introduction
3:10: Panel Discussion
3:45: Q/A Session
4:00: End Call