Connect with Andrew:

Andrew Lionis

Past President (2018)

Andrew Lionis a customer-focused business leader with a deep expertise in digital, social, and mobile technologies, passionate about innovation, connecting consumers with brands, and pursuing marketing goals through measurable business strategies.

He has successfully worked on both the client and agency sides, as well for national and global companies, working with brands specifying their vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives in order to maximize the benefits from marketing investments and efforts. Recently working as a market leader responsible for new and existing partnerships and revenue for one of the fastest growing software companies in the world; as well, bringing insights and best practices from a wide range of industries including 3M, American Express, Allstate, Diageo, CIBC, Four Seasons, Loblaw, Mazda, Nestle, and Walmart, to name a few.

As President of the AdClub of Toronto Andrew was responsible for driving organizational strategies and setting the strategic direction for the association. Overall revenue and profitability management were a key priority, with a focus on innovation, top-line growth and bottom line efficiencies for sustainability and brand/association health. Andrew was a brand champion and partnership lead both from an industry, membership and charitable lens. He provided Mentorship and leadership to the board and vice president, as well internal and external governance and policy creation and management.

Highlights: 2000%+ increase in overall profit, x3 new board roles to help drive revenue and growth, x6 events set records in attendance & revenue and x8 new partnerships including 200%+ increase for charitable giving to name a few.

Ad Club Tenure:

2013-2015: Digital Director
2015-2016: Vice President
2017-2018: President