Team Sports

Work Hard. Play Hard

The AdClub team sports program has been running for 4 years with 30 dedicated players currently playing across our 2 basketball and volleyball teams, which we hope to build into at least 4 teams by Spring 2017.

The AdClub team sports program was designed to bridge the gap between networking and maintaining a consistently healthy lifestyle, while offering the chance to build unique relationships with industry professionals.

If you’re interested in learning more about the players, attending a game or joining a team, please select from one of the options below.


The AdClub's basketball team has seen great attendance and performance since its inception, with the team making playoffs almost every year. Participants include those from creative, media, and ad tech companies, which makes for great networking opportunities.


Coming in 2017, the AdClub volleyball team will bring together members of the advertising community to compete against other local teams in downtown Toronto. If interested, please indicate so using the form below.

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Team Sports

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