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AdClub of Toronto: Giving & Scholarships

The AdClub recognizes that students are the future of this industry. For many years, we have donated scholarships to various colleges and universities in Ontario. Knowing the crucial value of the next generation, much of the revenue generated from the Ad Club’s industry events goes to funding a series of industry-related scholarships at Ontario’s top universities and colleges. These scholarships are meant to award those students that show outstanding aptitude as connectors within their own programs, given that the ability to bridge divides between internal departments, clients, agencies, and vendors will be an essential skill in their working world.  These post-secondary institutes include, Sheridan College, St. Clair College, Seneca College, Humber College, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, Mohawk College, St. Lawrence College, and many more. We invite the winners of our student scholarships to attend our events to receive their recognition and award.

Beyond acting as an industry educator and networking facilitator, the Ad Club’s role in giving back to the marketing and advertising community is one it holds most dear. Every year the AdClub recognizes an industry leader (industry merit award). The scholarships are donated to various schools on behalf of the AdClub of Toronto and our industry merit award recipient. Both the industry leader and student are recognized at one of our educational conferences: Out of Home Day, Magazine Day, Digital Day, etc. Both recipients are invited to make speeches at their given event.

While stoking the fires of a future generation is an essential part of the AdClub’s ethos, tending the embers of our existing colleagues is also key. The AdClub takes great pride in the fact that it stands as the largest financial contributor to NABS, the media, marketing and communication industry’s own charity. This unique cause seeks to serve our colleagues in need of financial, professional, and mental support, and is funded entirely through corporate and individual donors, an annual media auction, and the monies generated by the Ad Club’s events.

The AdClub connects the future of tomorrow with rising industry stars!

Below you will find a variety of testimonials from past recipients of our scholarships.

Giving & Scholarship Testimonials