Student Day 2021: Making a Virtual Impact

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Student Day 2021: Making a Virtual Impact

The 2021 Student Day hosted by AdClub Toronto went virtual this year. As we’re all now too familiar, COVID-19 has interrupted or completely halted job opportunities and internships for recent graduates. While the 2021 Student Day event could have been cancelled or delayed until next year, the committee did not back down from the challenge to make this virtual event a success. Our goal every year has been to improve Student Day to help future innovators, decision-makers, and connection communicators find their purpose in working for the advertising industry. Despite the challenges of the year, we were confident we could still deliver on this goal in a virtual setting.

With the support of our partner, General Assembly, we hosted four virtual sessions covering media, emerging tech, creative and a keynote about a day in the life at an agency. All panelists brought valuable knowledge, advice on how to get into advertising and insights on what agencies are now looking for and how you can apply this in your job hunt. Each session focused on a key takeaway: Emerging tech showed the link between technology and its consumers; media highlighting the importance of being knowledgeable in what you do; and creative emphasized the importance of honing your skills and being confident. 

This event was truly a representation of the students who attended. We hope this year, despite it being virtual, inspired all attendees to keep seeking knowledge and adapting their skills to become the next game-changers in the industry. While we don’t know what next year will hold, what this year taught us is the show can–and must–still go on. See you all next year at Student Day 2022! 

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