Market Your Health: How Marketers are Staying Connected During the Pandemic

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Market Your Health: How Marketers are Staying Connected During the Pandemic

In early 2020, Market Your Health had a goal to provide the marketing industry with a platform where they could build meaningful connections while encouraging mental health awareness. The team discussed the concept with industry professionals and decided that by eliminating alcohol and other substances at the door of meetups, they could work complementary with the AdClub and other marketing networking organizations to offer additional opportunities to the industry. 


Soon after the team was formed, COVID-19 was announced. It wasn’t easy launching a new company focused on in-person networking during a pandemic, but it was clear from the increasing need for mental health support that they needed to move ahead. The team worked diligently to create an online-focused organization. Starting with their mantra of “collaborative growth starts with a healthy mindset,” they began building a roster of dedicated marketers who could lead professional classes, and build a platform for marketers to network with colleagues, clients, and meet new faces by collaboratively building healthy habits.   


Market Your Health started with several meetups, and thanks to the support and dedication of over 35 industry volunteers some of whom have worked on programs every day for over a year without compensation there are now 7 regularly attended bi-weekly professionally-guided meetups (Music, Fitness, Gaming, Outdoors, Karate, and Go Karting), an ongoing Mentorship Program with over 100 applicants, and a monthly Speed Mentoring Series all encouraging marketers to be better people, all available to join for free. 


Please join Market Your Health at their Meetups, at their next Speed Mentoring Session, or through the MYH Mentorship Program as either a mentor or mentee! Sign up for all three programs through


Market Your Health is excited to soon announce its first list of partnerships, including the AdClub of Toronto, and Arcane who is leading MYH’s ‘One Year Rebrand.’ 

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