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Mindful Mornings: Resiliency

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Wake up. Unplug. Recharge. Repeat.

Join the AdClub & NABS Mindful Mornings Breakfast Series. Increase your productivity while enriching your personal well-being.

Wednesday, April 25th, The Advertising Club of Toronto and NABS are proud to present their second co-branded “Mindful Mornings” Breakfast Series, which will focus on resiliency.

Resiliency is often described as your ability to bounce back from adversity and in today’s landscape. Recognized as one of the most vital coping skills for surviving the workplace, resiliency enables you to be more flexible and able to bend to change. Someone who is more resilient is better equipped to face life’s challenges head-on, even in times of uncertainty.

Everyone is born with a natural resilience, but often we lose sight of this innate ability amongst all the hustle and bustle of life. With our Thriving Under Pressure workshop, we’ll show you how to improve self-awareness and teach you how to develop coping skills to help you increase overall resilience.

Thriving Under Pressure Workshop

Our workshop begins by answering two questions: what is resilience and why is it important? We explore ways to foster resilience through resources and exercises to help you better understand this critical skill, showing you how to adapt to change and how to develop emotional intelligence – two vital components in building resiliency. Participants will learn to: Understand why some people thrive in challenging situations, while others become overwhelmed; Recognize the attitudes, actions, and choices that contribute to resilience; Implement strategies for thriving under pressure, including in the face of organizational change; Be aware of the mind-body connection and how it can either support or hijack resilient attitudes.

Learning that building a supportive network, evaluating and adjusting priorities, and maintaining an optimistic inner voice will help you be more resilient both at work and at home.

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