OOH Day 2023  | Tuesday, September 19th, 2023  | The Carlu
AdClub Presents: Out of Home Day, 2023

OOH Day 2023

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AdClub OOH Showdown Submission Categories + Details 


Campaign Submission information required: 

  1. Campaign name
  2. Client
  3. Agency
  4. Media Buyer/Planner (there may be two for this eg: Planning & Buying Agency persons can be cited)
  5. Sales Rep
  6. Dates of Campaign
  7. Assets included
  8. Story/objective of campaign
  9. Results
  10. 1 day takeover impressions
  11. Photos/videos – limit videos to 30 secs and photos to 10mb each.
  12. High resolution logo
  13. Client approval to be submitted as an entry
  14. Short summary of campaign – 100 words max


Categories for 2023 


Large Format Digital Billboard:

Digital static, full-motion video displays of size 10′ x 10′ or larger (outdoor or indoor).


Large Format Static Billboard:

Static printed or painted advertising displays of size 10′ x 10′ or larger (outdoor or indoor). Includes horizontal and vertical posters, bulletins and wall mural ads. Includes horizontal and vertical posters, bulletins, and wall mural ads.


Indoor Place-Based OOH:

Static or digital advertising that is INDOOR, any size. Can include Mall, Restobar, Salons, or other indoor advertising concepts. Includes any sizes or formats.


Street Level/Transit/Transportation:

Static or digital advertising displays at street level and displays on the exteriors or interiors of moving vehicles. Includes transit shelters, street furniture, postering and columns; as well, all advertising within or on transit vehicles, taxis, trucks, cars, dedicated advertising vehicles, pedicabs, rickshaws, bicycles and other alternative vehicles.



Any combination of two or more of the above out-of-home advertising categories within one campaign.



Best Innovation Out of Home:

Advertising concepts that break new ground or think outside the box, including new ad formats/channels and approaches that have never before been seen in an OOH context.


DEADLINE: All submissions are due to Bellamy (OOHSubmissions@adclub.ca) no later than Thursday, August 10th.

Submissions may include campaigns that were executed from September 2022 – August 2023.

Submit your entries by the deadline (Thursday August 10th at 5:00PM) to: OOHSubmissions@adclub.ca

To arrange payment for submission entries, please email: Leith Mason

The Carlu
444 Yonge St #7
Toronto, ON
M5B 2H4