OOH Special Presentation

The Ad Club of Toronto, in conjunction with Rogers Sports and Media and Pattison Outdoor Advertising, brings you a special future-focused OOH presentation on August 12th at 1 pm.

Back to All Events Thursday, August 12th, 2021

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OOH has long been accused of being a medium light on data. Biostatistician Ryan Imgrund and researchers StaceySarchuk and Peter Kambo refute the misconception that OOH is an anecdotal medium with data that charts the science behind Canada’s return to life post-lockdown. Tune in to discover which consumer categories will explode in the new world, and hear predictions based on current behavioural modelling and analytic insights as to what this could mean for marketers and this medium.

Expert Panelists

Ryan Imgrund, Biostatistician / Corporate Consultant

Peter Kambo, Media Sales Research and Insights, Rogers Sports and Media

Stacey Sarchuk, Research Manager at Pattison Outdoor Advertising


Kevin McDonald, CEO-Canada Kinetic